Kendalc'h Gwengamp - Kernilien, Plouizi - 23 - 28 July, 2012.

Brian Kerwin opening the congress, with Mona Bras, Lena Louarn and Yann Guillamot

Fionn Mac Muiris, Conor Leavy, Philip Denmede

Jenefer Lowe and Dónall Ó Riagáin

Music session - Tuesday 24th

The Irish group, with Paul Rogers (Mannin)

Matt Kelly and Paul Rogers

Ian Curnow and Ray Chubb

Brian Stowell and Herve Bihan - wednesday 25th

Round table between the six speakers, Lena Louarn ha Mikael Baudu - Wednesday 25th

Visiting gardens of Roc'h-Ugu - Thursday 26th

picnic under the shade

In front of the castle of La Roche-Jagu

Tomb of St.Yves - Landreger

inside church Minic'hi-Landreger

Andrea ar Gouilh o kanañ - yaou 26th

Visiting Gwengamp - over the wood bridge - Friday 27th

In front of the castle site

In the prison...

Annie Ebrel - friday 27th

Gillebride Mac Millan

Matt Kelly (Mannin)

Ray Chubb and Ian Curnow (Kernow)

Fionn Mac Muiris, Conor Leavy and Philip Denmende (Eire)

Hen wlad vy nhadau - Bro gozh va zadoù